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Donna Carlson, Author
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New Book "Crazy, as Usual" by Donna Carlson Sheds Light on Workplace Burnout 

Unique approach to harnessing “monkey chatter” in our heads gives women a 

practical route to success in the workplace and a template for workplace wellness

Colorado Springs, October 2, 2023 - In a world where the pressures of the workplace often leave us feeling "crazy," Donna Carlson's latest book, "Crazy, as Usual," offers a refreshing perspective on embracing our inner voices and finding brilliance amidst the chaos. With a candid and insightful approach, Carlson invites readers to explore the realities of depression, burnout, and the elusive "monkeys" that chatter incessantly in our minds.

"I'm not insane," Donna Carlson writes, "I'm fully aware I'm crazy. It's time we talk about the realities of depression and burnout in the workplace. Then we can admit that we're crazy, as usual, and set our brilliance free."

Donna Carlson, a seasoned professional with a background in journalism and high-tech PR, has navigated the turbulent waters of success and self-sabotage in both the workplace and personal relationships. She attributes every crash to the elusive voices she affectionately calls "the monkeys." These cheeky, sarcastic, and wily inner critics can drive anyone to the brink with their relentless chatter—telling you that you're not good enough, that you're alone, and that something is fundamentally wrong with you.

But Carlson doesn't see the monkeys solely as saboteurs. She believes that these inner voices can also be a source of wisdom, provided we learn how to engage with them constructively. "I used to think if I could cage the monkeys, they'd lose control over me. Then a friend showed me an even better way," Donna says. "I've learned to pay attention to what the monkeys are telling me, and then let them know I've got it from here."

In "Crazy, as Usual," readers will find:

The book takes readers on a journey through candid conversations between two close friends in different stages of life—one a mother in her early forties locked in a high-pressure career, and the other a retired CEO. Together, they explore the intricate dynamics of these inner voices and offer a path toward greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Donna Carlson, the author, is a recognized expert in helping companies create happy customers from the inside out. With a career spanning journalism, high-tech PR, and leadership development, Carlson's unique insights have helped organizations thrive. Her commitment to wellness led her to study for a Master of Arts in Global Leadership and eventually establish 360 Life Strategies in 2018. She brought the book to market to give women in the workplace a voice and to bring mental wellness service providers to the attention of workplace wellness programs.

You can connect with Donna on Instagram (@crazyasusual67) and LinkedIn (DonnaCarlson360), and learn more about speaking opportunities and women's connection events on her website at For media inquiries, review copies, or interview requests, please contact The book is available on Amazon and in these bookstores: Poor Richard's Colorado Springs and The Tattered Cover Colorado Springs.