catalysts for mental wealth

When our workplace is mentally strong, research show that there is:

Here's how we're making a difference

We're partnering with the Colorado Springs business community to launch a qualified database of local mental health and wellness service providers, as well as other business network resources.

Since the book launched in October we've been meeting quarterly with the business community to solve the gaps in mental health at work.  Now we're forming new focus groups weekly.

Stories from the CEO

The podcast is a gathering place to hear how successful CEOs are managing the monkeys and creating order in chaos to live and lead, crazy, as usual.

We are developing content housed in YouTube while we gear up for the formal launch of the podcast in 2024. Learn more on our podcast page here or check out the show notes stockpiled in our Crazy, as Usual Newletter on LinkedIn. You can also follow @CrazyAsUsualWithDonna on Instagram for updates on podcasts and events.

Countdown to LAUNCH Fridays at Five in September 2023

Our  launch event was in my living room. A dozen women who didn't know each other got close fast as we shared about our monkeys and our strategies to get order in the chaos. Fridays at Five are meant to replicate the mentoring relationship between Liv and Jane in the book. We see these launching in lunchrooms, barrooms, and living rooms all over the map. Our September series set the stage: