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It's a movement. The workforce is demanding a more human workplace -- a work culture where people are more than transactional assets. Work is an extension of who we are. A workplace that creates safety for employees to speak openly about their fears, to fail with accountability but without retribution, to restore what the monkeys have eaten in terms of our confidence and self worth -- this is not just mental health, it's mental wealth. When our workplace is mentally strong:

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Countdown to LAUNCH Fridays at Five in September 2023

Our  launch event was in my living room. A dozen women who didn't know each other got close fast as we shared about our monkeys and our strategies to get order in the chaos. Fridays at Five are meant to replicate the mentoring relationship between Liv and Jane in the book. We see these launching in lunchrooms, barrooms, and living rooms all over the map. Our September series set the stage:


Let's bring the monkeys out of the closet.

Special event hosted by Ellie Mental Health